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  • You will read this page in its entirety.

  • We are informing you our products may be dangerous and you will possess or use them at your own risk.

  • You waive your right to sue for damages arising from the use or possession of our products.

  • You accept all responsibility for keeping all other parties from accidental or uninformed contact with our products.


It is our intention to provide the safest, highest quality products to our customers. We use these products ourselves and make every possible effort to research the most up-to-date information on health risks associated with vaporizer liquids, hardware, and accessories. Our primary objective is to provide the safest products on the market. Our vaporizer liquids are made in a facility inspected by an independent state-licensed pharmacist and certified to meet Category 2 Complex Compounding Pharmacy requirements for cleanliness and procedures including unbroken chain of custody logging on all materials.

We require customers to clearly understand that the health effects of these products have not been adequately studied in the United States and they may be inherently dangerous or even fatal. Significant studies exist outside the United States suggesting vaporized nicotine products are a great benefit to public health. Your assessment of available information is your own responsibility.

Vaporizer liquids with strengths greater than 0mg contain nicotine, a poisonous, explosive, and addictive substance. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. Never heat with a microwave oven or other possible ignition source. Do not allow liquid to come into contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately. Not for use by women who are pregnant or anyone with an existing medical condition without first consulting a physician. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or condition and is not recognized by the government as a smoking cessation aid.

By using our products, you indemnify us from all damages arising from the proper or improper use thereof and take responsibility for controlling access to our products to prevent harm to others. Share this information if you share the products.

What we do to try to make the safest possible vaporizer liquids:

  • Our VG and PG is 100% pure USP grade acquired from sources suitable for pharmacy use. Our nicotine is extracted in an FDA inspected facility and tested before and after compounding to ensure accurate nicotine labeling of the finished product. Our flavorings are obtained from reputable US sources.
  • Our liquids are only 5% flavoring because the health effects of flavorings are one of the greatest unknowns of these products. Avoiding high concentrations of flavoring causes less exposure to unknowns. We also avoid food coloring wherever possible and always look for new sources of color-free flavorings.
  • Our compounding facility is inspected without conflicts of interest. Beyond cleanliness, our chain of custody logs, handling procedures, materials sources, and health effect research logs are all reviewed monthly.