So Your Smoking Friend Is a Cook or Chef? They Need to Know THIS.

I have met so many great people through the vape shop. This morning I was on Facebook chat with a friend I’ve made in Connecticut about a friend of his in Las Vegas. His friend cooks for a living at a well known (and very nice) casino. He has decided despite the “douchiness” of vaping, his 3 pack a day habit needs to go and he wants to try vaping. Great news, right?! But there are sooooo many disturbing angles to this conversation so please read on.

First, there’s the obvious sadness in vaping, a life saving technological advance, being seen as “douchy”. But deeper than that, the peer pressure this guy predicts is going to be pretty brutal. There are many chefs at his casino and they ALL smoke heavily. He predicts he will be shamed by them to “not be a douche and just have a smoke”. That’s one hell of a motto for our opposition isn’t it? And the ones saying it are the very people we would like to save with the same advancement we have made.

But you know what’s just too ridiculous? These people work in the culinary arts. Their pallets are one of their primary tools and smoking heavily damages that tool. Everyone who has switched to vaping knows they can actually taste things again. So then shouldn’t the chefs, who take so much pride in their craft, be pressuring my friend-of-a-friend to switch to vaping instead?

What’s the breakdown here? It all comes down to the Boogie Man. The chefs have not tried vaping. They are deeply addicted to smoking. They’ve been hassled for years by all the non-smokers they know and society at large to quit. So vaping must be bad since it’s related to quitting, right? Vaping is how the Boogie Man is going to take their cigarettes away. Their aversion to vaping is just as understandable as anyone else’s, but because of their particular profession, vaping isn’t just about protecting their health, it’s about protecting their livelihood.

Through this discussion, we made a plan to help this friend-of-a-friend and I want everyone to know about this plan.

There is a device (the Sigelei Fu Chai V2) and a juice (Burly Red from Triple Extreme) that fit the situation perfectly. The device is inexpensive, which cuts the risk of giving it a go. It’s also very small, which makes it discreet and will help with the peer pressure (read “beat down”). But it’s also very versatile and very good, supporting everything from mouth-to-lung all the way up to a pretty decent cloud. The INSTANT heat up is very similar to the way a cigarette is always ready after it’s lit.

The juice is a tricky little substance that tastes like the way we all used to think of the flavor of a cigarette. The real flavor of smoke is real nasty, like the bottom-of-an-ashtray, and never lived up to our expectations, but this juice does. And after you’ve vaped it, it’s hard for your brain to keep playing tricks on you about actual smoke. The real flavor of the smoke starts to present itself because the brain now knows there’s a non-friggin-nasty way to get the nicotine.

PLEASE, if you have any friends who are in the culinary field, invite them to come up to Smoky Mountain Vapes in Pigeon Forge. They will be treated well by people who know exactly what they’re up against.

Thanks for reading!

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