Operation Righteous Voice – Something You Can Do Right Now for Free to Save Vaping

(For a detailed explanation of how this campaign works, see my post: Understanding the FDA’s Final Ruling Deeming Vapor Products as Tobacco and What to Do Now. If you’re short on time or don’t like to read, there’s a very brief summary here.)
  • Vaping doesn’t have the support of the general public who are, by majority, nonsmokers.
  • We must fix this before we can get the support of lawmakers and even judges who rely on public opinion more than facts to make decisions.
  • Nonsmokers are easily manipulated by false anti-vaping “news”, largely because they don’t like smoke and don’t have any personal interest in vaping.
  • We need to get nonsmokers, as the majority and drivers of political decision making, on our side.
  • Based on the facts alone, nonsmokers should support vaping, but they need help seeing it and having a personal stake in it.

The Solution:

  • Use our social networking reach (and wherever possible, personal reach) to spread a message of truth to engage the nonsmoking majority and get them to understand vaping is in their best interest and something they want to protect.
  • Change the current talking points in the minds of the majority. The talking points are currently (and reprehensibly), “Vapers are dirty drug pushers who are douche bags, target our children, and have no regard for public safety.” Our new talking points, which reflect our righteous fight, are, “Nonsmokers’ disgust with smoking is so righteous, it has created a new form of nonsmoking which has the power to completely end the stench and death of smoking for the children and all of America. Nonsmokers must protect their victory from tobacco companies and their allies so we can all finally be free of this horrible embarrassment from our past.” (Most vapers and certainly current smokers will find this new narrative disturbing, but we have to establish a positive common ground with the nonsmokers or smokers will not have the right to choose a reduced harm path in the future. See “UPDATE” section below for full comments.)

The Plan:

  • Phase One: Distribute a long form “open letter” to the public via personal copy/paste posts. Flood Facebook, print it out and post it on the cork board at work, mail it to political figures. Get in front of every nonsmoking eye, EVERYWHERE. Encourage nonsmoking friends, family, and coworkers to share your post. (If your Facebook normally posts in “Friends” visibility mode, change the visibility of your post to “Public” so it can be seen by others as it is shared.)
  • Phase Two: Break the long form into shorter forms and distribute them in waves in a similar manner. Saturate conversation on vaping with OUR talking points. Blast bits and pieces of our points into the comments in every anti-vaping post everywhere, especially on news story websites outside of Facebook. These short form messages are being developed and will be available with an announcement soon. (If you’re a good writer and want to take a stab at this phase, please join the team by sending an email to me at yourfriends@smokymountainvapes.com.)
  • Phase Three: Gain attention from the media and force them to consider whether their current talking points are as good for ratings as our more accurate talking points. As we gain their attention, which we will inevitably do, use that attention to deepen our message through personal interest stories. We need the friendly faces of moms, dads, grandmothers, and grandfathers who will be hurt by anti-vaping to be seen by the nonsmoking majority.
  • Phase Four: There are plenty of people left in the world who will take up a good cause and be on our side who do not smoke. If they know the truth and feel secure that the villagers will not take up torches and pitchforks against them, they will be willing to speak up for us. Those voices are our end goal.
Phase One, DO THIS NOW:
UPDATE: Now that this has been around the Internet for a day, there are a few very common comments I’d like to address.
  • “It’s too long.” or “TL/DR”: Yes, this is painfully long. It’s supposed to be and targets specific people. Phase 2 will see the release of a series of short versions. Just copy and paste it and have a little faith that there is a plan that needs the first phase to be long to hit the right audience.
  • “You lost me at ‘Smoking is NOT okay’.”: There MUST be a vested interest for nonsmokers in vaping or they will never support it and we will never get political support. Agreeing with something obvious is a good common ground to start a discussion. Admitting smoking is “not okay” is not an earth-shattering betrayal. Even “cold dead hand” smokers know by now it’s a dangerous practice. Calling vapor products tobacco is REALLY not okay and we need to protect smokers’ right to choose reduced harm by stepping outside of our comfort zone on this point.
  • “It’s not Big Tobacco, it’s Big Pharma.”: Telling a nonsmoker the complete truth, “Big Pharma is using Big Government to protect Big Tobacco,” is not going to open any doors. It may be completely true, but we’re not going to make friends in the majority public with a conspiracy theory.
  • “Your plan includes posting on news sites and that draws them traffic.”: Do not worry, I know this and what I’m talking about doing has an unusual objective that will be discussed in the appropriate phase. It probably will benefit the news sites some, but not nearly as much as it benefits us.
(Here’s the part to copy/paste:)

To Nonsmokers Everywhere – I’d Like to Say THANK YOU!

Dear Nonsmoker,

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for standing up and saying, “Smoking is NOT okay.” Thank you for making it harder to do something bad for us all. Thank you especially for crying out in one voice that our children should not be turning to tobacco as a way to show their independence and then being stuck with a foul smelling and deadly habit they are statistically unlikely to ever break. In short, thank you for putting a cork in the growth potential of the tobacco industry and its efforts to lie their way into every American home.

Second, I’d like to say again, THANK YOU!! Thank you for all your efforts to end the stench and death of tobacco leading to the rise of my own path away from tobacco. Thank you for something you probably don’t realize you did: Thank you for creating the playing field for vapor products to spring into existence and advance to a point they provide the escape to someone like me, someone you wanted to save, to be free of tobacco. Please allow me to explain why I am grateful to you.

I’m sure you’ve been confused by someone puffing vapor clouds and thought to yourself it was disgusting because smoking is disgusting. The irony is the person using the vapor product not only agrees with you that smoking is disgusting, but also had YOU to thank for their escape from a disgusting deadly habit. Do you want to know how this is so, with all the negative things you have heard?

I’m sure you’ve seen many news stories about the dangers of vapor products and you probably believed they were all true because vapor looks like smoke, and as you know, smoke is bad. This is a common form of public manipulation used by an enemy you and I share, the tobacco companies. Tobacco companies are not the real vapor industry and do not produce the vapor products that were good enough to finally work for me. They have tried to make it seem so, but there are an estimated 25,000 tiny companies out there who could be crushed if they can make you believe it. Not only that, but all of the misinformation in those stories about antifreeze, formaldehyde, popcorn lung, and the vague assertions that vapor is more dangerous than smoke, have been completely debunked by world renowned scientific bodies as junk commercial data manipulation.

In fact, the benefits of vapor products to entire populations now form the core of other countries’ efforts to end the burden of tobacco on their healthcare systems and the quality of their citizens’ lives. As an example, the United Kingdom now officially considers vapor products to be at least 95% safer than smoking and sees it as a tremendous opportunity to finally get Brits off tobacco for good.

So why would this negative information be on the news if it isn’t true? It is very simple and it is something you have seen before. There is tremendous wealth pushing the tobacco agenda and they have been caught misusing it before. The only difference is last time you saw it, they were claiming their deadly products were safe and even life-enhancing.

This time, they are trying to tell you the one thing that has happened in the last century that threatens their very existence is unsafe. They are telling you the vapor products your steadfast resistance caused to rise and threaten them must be stopped and they are trying to fool you, their enemy, into making it happen for them. To add insult to injury, they are building on their own bad reputation to accomplish their goals!

But what about the children? The answer to this is so simple it is easy to miss. All vapor products from America’s emerging “vapor shop” industry could not permanently addict children, even if it were their intention (and the evidence is by and large, it is not). Nicotine, the addictive component of tobacco that has been carried over to vapor products to help smokers quit smoking, is quite simply not pleasant if a curious new user has not used nicotine before. It burns the throat. It makes the stomach queasy. It makes the skin flush and the heart race if you get too much too fast.

Every store that sells these vapor products has options with no nicotine and no other addictive substance available for both smokers who are trying to quit nicotine and the occasional peer pressure victim. Almost all curious new users choose the option with no nicotine. It becomes nothing more than a fad to a curious teen trying to rebel and ends up lost in the closet full of unused tennis rackets and how-to-play-guitar DVD’s. As an ex-smoker, neither I personally, nor any proprietor of any vapor product store I have ever visited, would want anyone to experience addiction. In fact, we all celebrate this unavoidable fact that keeps predators from rising within the vapor product industry.

I said I would explain why I am grateful to you, but I had to explain all of this first. The final explanation is YOU have helped me achieve something amazing. YOU have helped me become a nonsmoker. The stench and death of tobacco is gone from my life and the vapor products someone might see me use now do not lead to new addictions. It really upsets me when I see that the people who helped me get here do not understand their part in it, the way I am in complete agreement with them, and how the battle wages on, but now in the form of a battle of misinformation.

I am a nonsmoker. The vapor you might see from me is a remnant of a battle not instantly won. The evils of the tobacco establishment are not just in the moment. If it were that simple, anyone would be able to quit their deadly products instantly. I am now and forever “once bitten” by their lies. But you have created, through your vigilance, a place for me in between death and a perfect world where I can live without hurting anyone.

Please, I beg you, do not blindly accept the “news” you hear as true. (If you search for it, the truth is out there from reputable sources like the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK.) Consider for a minute, once doctors hailed the benefits of cigarettes. Ask yourself, “Why would the United Kingdom look to vapor products as the big answer they’ve been waiting for when they once warned the United States that tobacco was dangerous?” Could it be the United Kingdom does not have a tobacco industry? You got me this far and now I need you to come to my aid to get to the finish line.

I will die someday. I might use vapor products until that day comes because most ex-smokers will tell you, the addiction is permanent. But I will not take your children or grandchildren to an early death with me if I can have these vapor products to continue to be a nonsmoker. The alternative for me is smoking. The patch, the pill, the gums, they all proved I will smoke again if there isn’t something to sooth the damage done to me by our common enemy. My voice is small and lost without yours. The work you did fills me with genuine gratitude, but the work is not over.

Together, we must, as nonsmokers who do not want to live in a world of tobacco stink, cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, push forward a little further. If we do, we can heal the wounds of an injured society and watch tobacco die away. We can even see the natural end of vapor products when all the injuries are healed or passed into a forgotten period of shame in our history. We can make right what was done to us all if we do it together. If we let the wealth of the tobacco industry buy our opinions, things can stay the way they have been, a way that is not working, from now on.

Again, I thank you for what you have done, and beg you to continue, with me as your ally, to do the rest.

Your fellow nonsmoker,
(Your name here)

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3 replies
  1. Jamie Sweat
    Jamie Sweat says:

    I would love to say ty to vaping.at the age of 43 they had found a spot on my lung from smoking. I ignored the warning because I could not or choice not to stop because cigarettes had to hat much of a bond on me.at the age of 47 I was smoking 5 cartons a month of the cigar style cigarettes 20 to a pack because my finances would not allow 8 cartons a month of cools 100.I started smoking at age9. At that point I found myself loosing my breath and passing out face first doing something as simple as yard work or bending over the hood of my car.I seen my Dr and they performed a oxygen saturation test and mine was idle 68 percent active it would drop in the lower 40s which is severe enough to cause brain tissue damage not including the stress on my heart. During that visit my Dr sent me to the lad and her lab technician pulled out a ego style starter kit.She showed me how to charge it prime it and vape on it.I thanked them went to the localvape shop bought my first starter kit picked out my eliquids and quit cold turkey.that was March 23 2014. I never picked up another nasty cigarettes and after 10 months I seen the estate of my lungs.the spot of dead tissue will never regenerate itself but the difference was daylight and dark. So much improvement.Thank you vaping for saving my life and I hope and pray years from now it will continue to save others

  2. Christy E.
    Christy E. says:

    Vaping has save mine & my husband’s life!! In 2010 my Grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer & kept getting chest infections due to her continuing to smoke. Her DR. told her about vaping as a way to continue to get her nicotine but without all of the toxins from the cigarettes. She knew her cancer was fatal & decided she would rather continue smoking since she had about 6 months to a year to live. She called me the day she left that appointment & told me about electronic cigs & said she’d love it I would try it to quit my 20 habit. I bought a small kit that weekend with 24mg juice. I kept my pack of cigs just in case & ended up throwing them away 2 days later..my husband & I never bought another pack & we succesfully quit smoking with vaping! I was a hardcore smokers at a pack to a pack & 1/2 a day..everyday!! If it worked for me it would work for anyone! This is why the thought of the FDA trying to take my right to vape away just infuriates me! I’ve lost so many family members & friends to cancer from smoking & it has to stop!


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