NEW ITEMS: Replacement glass for the TFV4 and TFV4 Mini, Tesla Two Marbled (Hydrographic), iStick 40W silicon covers and side plates

By popular demand, we now have replacement glass for the TFV4 full size and Mini!

The Tesla Two Silk Editions have done so well, we’ve decided to bring in the “hydrograpic” version – a slick marbled finish and 500 more milliamp hours (MAH) of battery capacity! This little mod is basically an unregulated series box mod. It has 4.2 volts fully charged down to about 3.3 volts when it’s ready for a charge through its USB charging port. The batteries are included and enclosed. But at the $39.70 and $44.70 price points, it’s pretty amazing that it comes with low resistance protection below 0.1 ohms and over power protection at 100 watts.

The iStick 40W TC has taken the world by storm as the number one starter kit for first time vapers and vapers upgrading from the pen life. We now have protective and very comfortable silicon jackets for them! Also, if you want to take your style in your hand, change out the side plates for some really awesome color options.

Vape on everybody!
SteveЛинкбилдингпромывка скважин технология

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