NEW ITEM: Kanger DRIPBOX – Squonk Squonk!

I don’t usually carry Kanger products because of their well known leaking problems. In a bizarre twist, they’ve build a dripper kit that somehow doesn’t leak. Bizarre, but pretty cool! I knew there’d be the usual fanfare over a new Kanger toy and people would be looking for them, so I picked one up to try on behalf of all those who trust us to be the guinea pig on their behalf. The result: I’m actually going to carry these. Here are my reasons.

First, let’s talk about exactly what this thing is and can do.

  • For less than $40, you get a mod/RDA combo that actually works well: very affordable.
  • It has USB charging and runs on a single battery: low entry cost.
  • It’s small, light, and very handy: convenient.
  • It has a two post RDA: easy for even the most novice to build on, very fast to build on for the more experienced.
  • It has a 7ml “squonk” tank, meaning you squeeze an exposed soft plastic bottle and it pushes liquid up to the atomizer: one handed “dripping”.
  • The RDA air holes are pretty high up and it has 4 gaskets: after two days of constant use, no juice on the mod.
  • The center part of the RDA screws out and can be replaced with prebuilt, prewicked replacements that cost the same as any prebuilt coil body: in a hurry or not good at coils? No problem.
  • It produces a decent RDA quality vape: it’s satisfying.
  • Protection at 0.2 ohms and 60W: beginners don’t have to worry about problems associated with exploding mech mods from rookie mistakes.

So what’s it really like? As everyone knows, I like my vape HOT. With the huge airflow cut to half (which is in no way a tight draw), the vape was warm, full, tasty, and satisfying. Of course it didn’t compete with my 150W build on the BFT and RX200, but that’s not what this thing was meant to do. It was very nice when I drove to have no dripping to do, just a squeeze on the squonker and boom, fresh juice. Surprisingly, it was less messy than my Telsa 80W with Herakles Plus tank. Bottom airflow on tanks tend to cause purging to build up recondensed juice on the mod, this thing had not even a droplet of juice on the outside of the RDA or tank.

So the next question for me is, “Who would want to pay money for this?” At the price, the answer here is surprisingly broad.

The simplicity, affordability, and replaceable prebuilt decks make it a great choice for people who normally use plain old tank setups but are curious about dripping. I could see putting something like Burly Red in one and keeping it around for times when the tobacco bug hits, as a more satisfying choice than a cigarette. The replaceable prebuilt decks mean you can explore building coils at your own pace without having to worry about not being able to get it right every time. Run out of patience and just throw a prebuilt in and try again some other time.

The compactness, one-handed squonk, USB charging, and affordability make it a good side-kick for die hard dripper fans that just wish they had a good little unit for their daily commute (or a long drive). Having a couple prebuilt decks in the vape bag means never being stranded without building supplies and having to vape on unexpectedly rank coils or cotton.

As with everything, you are welcome to come try our demo and decide or yourself.

PROS: Easy, convenient, affordable.

CONS: Not super powerful, very light construction.

OVERALL: This combo definitely fills a long-standing gap in the vape gear lineup at a price that doesn’t risk much.

SPECS (collected from various sources):

  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ x 1-3/4″ x 7/8″ including RDA
  • 60W continuous output
  • 0.2 ohm minimum resistance
  • 7ml bottom feed bottle (includes extra bottle)
  • Steel bottom pick-up tube (pulls juice from the bottom of the tank)
  • Includes a prebuilt deck and a deck with coils ready for cotton
  • Aluminum construction
  • Requires 1 high drain 18650
  • 1 amp USB charging port
  • Huge dual adjustable airflow – 10mm by 1.5mm air slots
  • Reverse battery, low resistance, low battery, long fire protection
  • Gold plated 510 pin
  • 2 post design with 1.5mm holes

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