FINALLY HERE!! Native Wicks Platinum Blend


Native Wick’s new Platinum Blend expands on the “no break in flavor” of their original line, but in a completely new format. This time it’s puffy like the “Scottish Roll” as seen on YouTube. There are two advantages to this. Most people who have seen Native Wick original will be happy to learn it takes no special skill or technique to use the Platinum Blend. The fibers are not brushed like the original, so go ahead and twist up the end and pop it straight through that coil.

The second advantage is a performance difference. The puffier structure holds a LOT of juice, just like the Scottish Roll technique without the fiddling around and waste.

I have been dying for this stuff to arrive since the sample they sent ran out. Since most of my builds these days are ridiculously high powered, the break in flavor and the wick’s ability to deliver a lot of juice to the coil fast are a big deal to me. Come check it out!

(Since someone asked, yes those are 120ml bottles of the new Defiant line from Luke “The Duke” Hamilton. Supplies are limited and only in 0mg and 3mg. The 6mg will be available sometime Tuesday afternoon. 8 flavors, something for everyone, $25.99, $1 of every bottle goes to

PROS: No break in flavor, easy to work with, especially compared with the original blend, great heat resistance.

CONS: $8 isn’t much to pay for a good cotton specifically made for vaping, but still, a lot more than a $4 bag of organic cotton balls.

OVERALL: If you build, you need this in your life. Period.

SPECS (collected from various sources):

  • 100% Lab Certified Clean, free of pesticides, chemicals, and even natural oils
  • Each bag contains 3 feet
  • US grown and processed
  • Designed for maximum juice transfer
  • Extremely heat resistant

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