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A Natural Habitat for Vapers

Smoky Mountain Vapes is a destination vape shop with a relaxed atmosphere, over 50 amazing flavors in 2 blends at 8 strengths, tasting bar, pharmacist-inspected production facility, 300+ styles of gear, informative research video, easy chairs, restaurant tables, free coffee, free WiFi, and free front-door parking.

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Shipping by USPS with full tracking. Proving hopeful regulators wrong again by using adult picture ID verification with all shipments. Get FREE shipping on orders of $59.98 in 30ml juices or more. Earn rewards and get the consumable supplies we all need  with your order!

Our Store

Over 50 Amazing Flavors

Select from families of flavor, each in several nicotine concentrations.  Try the most unique and complex flavors vaping has to offer!

Vaping Hardware

SMV has top quality vaping hardware for any level of vaper.  From small and compact, to high output cloud-makers, SMV carries it all.

Loyalty Rewards

Get rewards for loyalty, referrals, and military service. There’s a program for everyone to get more of a good thing!

The first priority for our store was the quality of the juice. This quality comes in three forms. First and foremost are our flavors. If vaping doesn’t satisfy the taste buds, it will never be more enjoyable than smoking. Our flavors are a mix of as many as thirteen simple flavor parts into one super complex, super satisfying flavor. There are currently over 50 total flavors including super-complex,  complex, and simple, with plans for additional seasonal specials.

Second is the precision of our blends. Triple Extreme and Inferno Vape all have different vegetable glycerin levels specific to different situations from stealthy to competition cloud chasing and everywhere in between. Triple Extreme is the perfect blend for switching from tobacco smoke because it is formulated for thick, rich vapor using common hardware.

Safety wraps around it all. It was the exact question of “how safe is this” that started the ball rolling. We wanted assurances for both ourselves and our customers that our juices would be as pure and as high quality as possible. We solved this by building a Category 2 Complex Compounding Pharmacy on site and inviting a local licensed pharmacist to inspect the facility and our procedures monthly.

We also wanted something comfortable. Our classic lounge-style shop features free coffee (and we mean good coffee), free WiFi, a pub-style tasting bar, an 8 seat easy chair Vapers’ Theater playing our informative safety video (and the occasional game or movie) on a 70 inch HDTV, and 4 restaurant-style tables for RDA building or enjoying take-out from any of the great surrounding eateries. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

Finally, we knew our fellow vapers would need an outpost for supplies so we built over 30 feet of jewelry store display cases filled with well over 200 styles of tanks, battery drivers, mods, rebuildable atomizers, cores, supplies, and accessories with over 2000 items in stock. We wanted a huge selection so our customers could really shop their options. After all, finding the perfect combination of gear is just as important as finding the perfect flavor.

As much as the massive selection is a great way to discover the perfect combination, everyone starts somewhere. How does one choose among the options if they’ve never vaped before? We wanted that to be easy too, so we will loan a basic setup to first-time vapers just to get the ball rolling. Try vaping with no hardware costs by taking one of our basic devices home with you to give it a good long try before you invest in hardware of your own.

The end result of our vaping dreams is even better than we’d ever imagined. Please come and see what we mean when we say it has become a true destination vape shop.